A Worthy Legacy

by Tomi Akinyanmi
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Awards and Reviews




“A Worthy Legacy” has won the following awards

Silver Award Inspirational/Spirituality category 2009 Young Voices Foundation Awards™

Black Pearls Magazine Top Book Awards

Second Place Spirituality/Inspiration category 2008 Reader Views Annual Literary Awards.

Second Place Young Adult Non-Fiction Category, 2008 Reader Views Annual Literary Awards.

Socrates' Book Review Great Book Alert award!





An inspirational tale of what really matters, the story is of how one crafts their own legacy. A A WORTHY LEGACY  is a fine and worthwhile read, highly recommended.

-          Midwest Book Review



There are no clever words here, no trickery. There are no promises of redemption or divine forgiveness; just the quiet last words of a man who has lived honourably. In today's world of selfishness and excess, those words carry a reverberation that will touch every reader.

-          Carlie Lee, Penfriends UK



This is a gentle story that speaks of life and the little things that make a big difference. The story is written with great love and tenderness that is rarely seen. This is a quick read and would make a nice gift for life changing events.

-           Sabrina Sumsion, Premier Book Reviews



There are some wise insights to the meaning of life, and other key points that affect the quality of the life that one chooses to live. A WORTHY LEGACY  is simple read that explains some of the meanings of life. It is a good read and is highly recommended.

-          Margaret Orford, Allbooks Review


This compilation is simply beautiful. There are no more words needed to capture its eloquence. My favorite piece was The Last Words of A Dying Man, a collection of wisdom on all topics relevant to a peaceful life. A WORTHY LEGACY is a lovely artwork unto itself.

-          A. Kai, The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers




In A WORTHY LEGACY the author, Tomi Akinyanmi, makes one look at their life and evaluate where they are. There is no lecture, no preaching or condemning - only words of love and joy. If you really listen, you will learn how to be an honorable person who lives in the present, with goals to reach.

-          Carol Hoyer (PhD), Reader Views




 A WORTHY LEGACY  is an engaging read with a penetrating peek at a vast number of life secrets. For anyone who has lost their way, or simply savors the chance to be reminded of the blessings and purpose of this life, A Worthy Legacy is highly recommended.

-          Rob Haywood, www.LoveMyGrandchild.com




A very quick read, but worthwhile for the simple but oft-forgotten message contained within.

-      Audrey, Drey’s Library




A beautifully written guide to life, an absolute treasure. This book would make a wonderful gift for someone who is just starting out in life, or someone who struggles with it.

-      Bev, Merry Weather Book Blog‏




When we are going through times, we don’t really act on all the things about courage and overcoming odds that we have heard so many times. This could be just the book that could give you a push.

-      Violet, Violet Crush




I think Tomi's work will strike a chord with many readers, prompting us to ask, what is our legacy?

-      Luanne, A bookworm’s world




The book's message is powerful, heartwarming and inspirational. Tomi's writing is beautiful and soulful. I was so moved that I held back tears as I read. I thought of what my father's last words were and what his legacy is. I also wondered what my legacy would be. That is probably the greatest gift of the book- you begin to decide what you want your own journey to mean to others.

-      Rebecca,  Lost in books




Includes reflections on the human need to make our lives meaningful and to find love and friendships that feed our spirits.

-       Kirkus Discoveries





You merely come away from the book knowing that Tomi's grandfather left this life knowing what was worth caring about - and that if we read closely, we might be tempted to look for that same knowledge ourselves.

-       Corinne, Book Nest reviews




A WORTHY LEGACY is a powerful book, in spite of it's size.  They say good things come in small packages, and that's true for Tomi's book.  It's a quick read, but not a light one.

-       Shelly B, Write for a reader



It has insightful poems and thoughts about topics such as love, power, time, and many more.
A WORTHY LEGACY is a truly inspiring short story that is easy to read and horoughly enjoyable.

-       Teens read too




I recommend everyone pick this up and savor the words from a character that lived life to the fullest.

-       Mishel, Mis(h)takes




The story over flows with wise words and practical advice for each and every one of us. I feel peace in my heart and mind after reading the book.  I recommend this book for everyone living on this planet. I suggest you pick up a copy or two as I know you will want to pass it on to a child, niece, friend or co-worker.

-       Toni,  A Circle of Books




A transfer of knowledge, an impartation of virtue A Worthy Legacy inspires thoughts on life and how we live.

-       Hamilton Esi




 A small book that packs a powerful message within it's pages. There are so many beautiful quotes one could share from this book. This is a special and beautiful book. It's heartwarming and uplifting. The writing is exquisite as is the artwork throughout and take a look at the cover - it is beautiful.

-       Darlene, Peeking between the pages




In the hands of any other author, this book may have turned out to be ordinary or even mundane. However,Tomi presents the words in a very unique and striking way that they feel like she is talking directly to the reader and sharing something very special and personal.

-       LuAnn, Reading Frenzy




This book should be read one chapter at a time. Every word should be mulled over no matter how obvious you might think it is and every sentence should be applied to life. The last section should especially be pondered as it is basically a recipe or a guide book on how to be remembered fondly after you have passed on. And not even to be simply remembered, but how to leave a legacy and how to become yourself fully so that you become not the person you admire, but a person to be admired.

-       Vera, Luxury Reading




Although small, it has a powerful message. Her grandfather did have life lessons, how to treat others, how to react to others treatment of us, told in a very plain, matter of fact way, not preachy.

- Bella Foxx,  Bella is reading




Seeing these simple thoughts of wisdom in print help to remind me what kind of person I should be: good, kind, friendly, and true to oneself, but not to the detriment of others.

This book was a delightful read and something I will definitely pull out and read whenever I'm feeling sad or discouraged.  It was like a little pick me up and reminder on what life is all about. It was short, sweet, and to the point.

-       Jennifer,  Jenny loves to read




I really enjoyed reading this short, gentle book of life advice. The advice in this book reminds me of a loving letter written to pass on wisdom to the next generation, there is so much heart to it. The angle of coming from a man in a small Nigerian village makes the advice in it earthy, natural and universal.

-       Heather,  Belle of the books




A WORTHY LEGACY takes you on a journey of life lessons. Knowledge passed down from a wiser generation gives this book an inspirational and solid foundation. It is a great source for inspirational quotes.

-       Cheryl, Unadorned Book Review




I won't claim to understand all of what Tomi's grandfather's words meant, but I felt calmer after reading them.  Its a gentle book that in years to come I can return to and offer to my friends and relatives

-       Lexie, Poisoned Rationality



A WORTHY LEGACY provides many of us with life affirmations to help guide us in our daily living. It might just make you see your own life in a different light and help you through the difficult times, as well as be there in the good times.

-       Yvonne, Socrates Book Reviews




A wonderful read, simple, eloquent & inspirational. This small book is a veritable treasure trove, overflowing with humble pearls of wisdom.

-       Sheree, The Eclectic Reader




I liked this book! It's very inspirational and really makes you think about life and how precious it is. The illustrations, done by the author, are beautiful and really enhance the enjoyment of the book. I really enjoyed the poems. There were several that I thought would make great posters and daily reminders. I think that people today don't take the time to think about the legacy that they are leaving behind. This book made me stop and say to myself, "If I died tomorrow, what would my friends/family/children remember most about me?"

-       Becky Workman, My thoughts……Your thoughts




A WORTHY LEGACY should be viewed not so much as a novel, but as a book of poetry, quotations, and age-old wisdom. Much of the book reminded me of the Biblical Proverbs; filled with advice and admonitions from someone who’s lived and learned it the hard way–and who hopes subsequent generations heed the guidance.  A Worthy Legacy promises to be a quick read, but the truths presented by the grandfather necessitate a slower pace to truly appreciate the insights imparted.

-       Lynne Mickley, ebookreviewsonline




A WORTHY LEGACY is full of wisdom and advice that only an older person could bestow. You almost feel as if it is an old and wise person speaking to you while you are reading this book.   A WORTHY LEGACY is perfect for anyone who has lost a grandparent or parent or anyone who is looking for some wisdom and inspiration.

-       Grace, Grace’s Book Blog.




The Grandfather is a very insightful man who leaves a legacy of good moral value to his heirs, the kind of values that are lacking in most family units in these days and times. I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in the culture of Africa, and people who read family anthology.

-       Pam, Bookalicio.us




A WORTHY LEGACY made me think about what we leave behind for our children, and how worldly possessions may wither and disappear but the wisdom of past generations lasts forever.

-       Dina,  Just another New blog




This transfer of wisdom is told in simple words, spoken by a man who knows this is his last chance to impress upon his family what he has learned about this life. The message isn’t flashy or crafty, but the quiet words of a concerned parent.  This book is thought provoking. I couldn’t help but think about what kind of legacy I am leaving for my children, grandchildren, family and friends. 

-       Margot, Joyfully Retired




A sweet book.

-       Alison, Worducopia